Legal representation for all matters RCDSO

We advocate for dentists. No matter how prickly the situation.

Need an experienced lawyer who routinely defends dentists and oral surgeons who are facing serious allegations of professional misconduct?

Carina Lentsch has practiced health law for over a decade and routinely helps dentists and oral surgeons navigate the investigation and discipline process at the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO).

She and her team understand that mistakes can happen and knows how to respond to false allegations.

We take pride in treating all clients with empathy and respect and are dedicated to help you navigate the RCDSO, IPC and HRTO process confidently to achieve the best possible outcome.

We defend dentists against all types of allegations including:

  • Breaches of RCDSO standards

  • Billing and insurance fraud allegations

  • Privacy and confidentiality breaches

  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) standards

  • Boundary violations and sexual abuse

  • Discrimination and Human Rights violations

  • Wrongful dismissal claims

Carina also assists dentists with matters involving the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) and the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Canada (IPCC), including reporting obligations, complaints, and appeals, and represents dentists in proceedings before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO).

Carina has years of experience helping dentists successfully defend malpractice claims and professional misconduct allegations.

Why choose us?


Before launching her own firm, Carina worked for a large national firm and boutique litigation firms in Toronto and learned from leading lawyers in the field.


Carina has been a trusted counsel to many professionals, public organizations, as well as large and small companies for over a decade.


We know life is busy. Save time with virtual meetings. Carina will meet you by videoconference wherever you are located.

Competitive Rates

Pay for quality legal advice, not an expensive boardroom. Operating virtually helps us keep overhead in check and pass savings on to you.

If you are looking for an experienced, client-centred counsel offering practical legal services at a reasonable rate, let’s have a chat.

Carina Lentsch ACL Law

Carina Lentsch, principal of ACL Law, is an experienced Ontario litigation lawyer. She has devoted her legal career to assisting and representing professionals at all career stages – in College and regulatory proceedings, privacy complaints, human rights claims, as well as malpractice and civil litigation. She is a compassionate advocate devoted to excellence and client service.

“Carina is truly a heart-centered, compassionate person and is as knowledgeable and professional as she is caring. Working with her alleviated the stress that comes with any legal matter for professionals, especially where reputation is important. Her pricing reflects her true desire to help professionals and makes excellent legal help within financial reach. I highly recommend ACL LAW and Carina Lentsch with 5 GOLD STARS to every single client centered professional.”
Laci, RMT - Niagara, ON
“Carina is an excellent listener, with knowledge, experience and commits to work with you from start to the end. She has integrity.”
Pharmacist, Brampton
“Efficient communication and high-quality service. For sure I would recommend Carina to any healthcare provider. 5 stars for excellent work, thorough analysis, and workable solutions. Thank you so much Carina!”
Richard, RMT - Toronto, ON
“Carina was extremely knowledgeable and understanding. She took the time to answer and thoroughly explained everything she could within her knowledge. Would highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal help for privacy and confidentiality for nurses.”
Nursing student, Ottawa
“Carina was very knowledgeable, informative, well-spoken and provided important clarifications which helped reduce my anxiety over possible outcomes.”

Carina Lentsch specializes in defending regulated health professionals.

Facing a College complaint, investigation, or discipline hearing can be very stressful. You may be worried about your reputation, your license, and your future.

We make navigating the process easy and advocate for you to achieve the best possible outcome.